ABP Royal Albert Dock project moves closer


The creation of the £1.7 billion London’s next business district designed for companies from Asia has today moved a significant step closer.

The Greater London Authority has just given the green light in the process towards full planning approval to ABP for the 4.7 million sq ft development at Royal Albert Dock. This follows the decision by Newham Council last year to grant planning permission subject to the response from the GLA.

ABP is expected to be able to begin work on the 35 acre site later this year and build what is being described as London’s next financial business district following the City of London and Canary Wharf. The first phase will be completed in 2018.

UK planning regulations are complex and it is understood it took months of negotiations between ABP and the planning authorities involving London Borough of Newham, Transport for London, and the Greater London Authority before agreement was finally reached.

The planning permission will contain conditions which ABP will have to adhere to during the lifetime of the whole construction. As the development progresses ABP will be required to make contributions towards upgrading a Docklands Light Railway Station alongside the site, the nearby Crossrail station which will provide high speed journeys to Heathrow Airport in just 45 minutes, as well as local bus services.

The final stage is for UK Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, who is responsible for planning within the UK Central Government, to formally allow ABP to progress and Newham have already sent the documents to his office for ratification.

ABP’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director, John Miu, said: “Obviously we are delighted by how the whole planning process has progressed and we are looking forward to getting underway and completing our first phase in just 3 years.

“There is tremendous interest from across Asia from companies wanting to locate in the Royal Albert Dock business district development and we look forward to making further exciting announcements in the months ahead.”

Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham, said: “This decision means that we are a step closer to realising the vision of Newham as an international location for business.

“The ABP development will bring further investment in toeast London, including thousands of jobs and opportunities for Newham residents within high-tech businesses as well as construction industries from at home and abroad.

“ABP is a significant part of the Royal Docks transformation which will see the revival of the waterfront and reinstate the docks as the heart of London’s industry.”

About ABP Royal Albert Dock

The ABP Royal Albert Dock development will become London’s third business and financial district, after the City of London and Canary Wharf, and will be a hub for businesses from Asia looking to reach new markets in Europe and for European companies seeking to do business with them and expand into the Far East. The 4.7 million sq ft (437,000 sq m) development comprises mainly offices but with residential, retail and public realm.

The £1.7 billion project next to London’s City Airport has generated widespread interest with support from the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and the UK central Government. ABP, the company behind the project, is a Chinese developer with a strong track record in China of taking areas in need of regeneration and transforming them into vibrant and successful business districts. The first phase of the project will be completed in 2018 at the same time that London’s high-speed rail link, Crossrail, opens nearby. It will create more than 20,000 new jobs and it is estimated it will be worth £6 billion to the London economy when it is completed.

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