Greater London and Newham delegation visits China

A group of UK business and political leaders visited China in August 2015 to explore the opportunities for investment and collaboration and to sign friendship agreements showing the ‘the power of partnerships’ and to strengthen trade relations between the two countries.

The trip was led by Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales and organised by ABP International Alliance, the business supporting organisation developing a sustainable platform for productive exchanges between enterprises and boost business worldwide.

During the visit to Siemens’s Beijing office, London City Director of Siemens, Mark Jenkinson signed the Memorandum of Understanding to join International Alliance. Mark Jenkinson said, it is admirable that Mr. Xu and ABP forged a platform for businesses across industries to collaborate and grow together, Siemens is keen to get involved as a corporate.

As the founding company of ABP International Alliance, ABP understands the importance of going global and working together with partners from all across the globe, and so discussions about investing in east London and the business cooperation played a key role in the 6-day trip.

Round-table meetings on the theme of ‘Seeking Cooperation Opportunities and Building International Friendship’ were held at Beijing and Haining. Hundreds of entrepreneurs and political leaders shared their insights on ‘One Belt One Road’ and the internationalisation of Chinese enterprises during a series of forums.

The signings of the Friendship Agreements between Newham Council and Fengtai District of Beijing, Haining City government and Shenyang New North District government were among several notable achievements of the trip which it is hoped will lead to more constructive communication and collaboration around city sustainable development, economic development, and culture and education.

The delegation also visited Department of Commerce of China, Siemens China, CITIC Construction and the ABP projects in Beijing, Haining, Qingdao and Shenyang. The mass scale of ABP’s projects in China and the landscape of China’s economic development will give greater confidence in working together with ABP International Alliance to develop international collaboration.

The delegation included Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales; Chief Executive of Newham Council, Kim Bromley-Derry; Deputy Chief Executive of Newham Council, Tony Clements; Director of Strategic Projects and Property at Greater London Authority, Simon Powell; Chairman of Strawberry Star, Santhosh Gowda; Managing Director of H. Forman & Son, Lance Forman; London Account Manager of Siemens, Mark Jenkinson; and Associate Director of DP International, William Young.

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