China Design Week held at Royal Albert Dock

A new annual international event – China Design Week has been launched at Royal Albert Dock, features a design exhibition and seminars, and attracting visitors and participants from design, architecture, engineering and business. ABP was proud to be the sponsor of the event held at Compressor House and staged in order to forge the mutual understanding between Chinese and international designers as well as to nurture the Royal Albert Dock as an emerging cultural destination.

On the occasion of China’s State visit to the UK and to mark the UK-China Year of Cultural Exchange, 2015 China Design Week is the launch of the annual event. The event was organised by China Design Week with the support of China British Business Council. Several hundred people attended over the 7 days and it is new set to be an annual event.

Among the exciting programme, prestigious speakers discussed the theory and practice of transforming ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created in China’ in the conference in partnership with China Britain Business Council. Speakers include: TV presenter and writer Dr. Linda Yueh, Vice Chairman of CBBC, Graham Cartledge CBE, Associate Director at Zaha Hadid Architects, Head of Global Affairs of Arup, James Kenny, Project Director of British Council, Alastair Donald and Professor Shaun Breslin.

Leading architecture firm Farrells also held a seminar with the theme of ‘Working by the River’, sharing their knowledge and experiences between Shanghai, Hong Kong and London Royal Albert Dock.

Managing Director of China Design Week, Chunqing Li said: “Even though China has become the world’s second largest economy and the world’s largest manufacturing base, the term ‘made in China’ still has negative connotations. Therefore I set up the event to allow Chinese, British and non-Chinese designers and engineers to build on their mutual strengths, to devise creative and innovative solutions for better designs, products and services.”

Director of Global Communications, Neil Robinson said: “ABP is always determined to organise more cultural activities at Royal Albert Dock, so everyone will see ABP creates not only a business platform for enterprises, but also an attractive and uplifting environment with a mix of business, leisure and culture. ABP is also honoured to be able to support China Design Week, as part of our vision to build a platform for cultural exchange between the UK and China.”

Deputy Mayor for Education and Culture of London, Munira Mirza said: “With the transformation of London’s industrial Royal Docks, it is a fitting location for China Design Week and this fascinating conference. The importance of design and our relationship with China cannot be overstated. There is huge potential for learning and collaboration, and it’s in this spirit that we welcome China Design Week.”


Dr Linda Yueh speaks at one of the exciting panel discussions.
Dr Linda Yueh speaks at one of the exciting panel discussions.

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