15th Anniversary Dinner Celebration at ABP in London

In 2003, the ABP base started strong in Fengtai, Beijing. In the fifteen years since then, the strength of ABP's partners has kept pace with the times, seized opportunities for development, and actively expanded its global business. It has continued to transform and upgrade, and has successively successfully developed and established the Beijing ABP base, the Northeast ABP base in Shenyang, and the ABP base in Qingdao. ABP Jiangnan City and London ABP base and other projects.

On June 19, 2018, the ABP had a good day for the establishment of the “15th Anniversary”. At the Royal Albert Dock in London, guests gathered and gathered.

The main guests attending the event included: Commercial Counselor Kim Hsu, Minister of the Chinese Embassy in London, Rokhsana Fiaz, Mayor of Newham, London; Stephen Timms, East Newham District; Zhang Jinlong, Chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce; Chairman of Excellence Group, Li Hua, General Manager of China Construction Bank International Business Department Yang Aimin, Agricultural Bank of China CEO Li Ruishan, China Taiping Insurance (UK) CEO Kuang Jinhai, China Telecom (Europe) Co., Ltd. Managing Director Cao Li, Chief Financial Officer of CITIC Xiang Qing, China Xiao Liang, Vice President of Bank (UK), Chen Xin, President of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Wang Shengniu, CEO of Huawei UK and Ireland, Wang Yeming, General Manager of Alibaba UK, Prof. Hassan Abdalla, Acting Vice President of University of East London, and Simon Simon, Head of International Technology Trade, UK Spier, CEO of ExCeL London International Exhibition Center Jeremy Rees and others.

In the opening address of Xu Weiping, Chairman of ABP Global Holdings Group's Board of Directors, the "15th Anniversary Dinner at ABP" celebration ceremony was launched.

Chairman Xu Weiping said in his speech that today's world economy is recovering from inadequacies, a new round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial changes are forthcoming, scientific and technological innovation activities continue to break through the boundaries of regions, organizations and technologies, and the flow of innovative elements in the global arena is unprecedentedly active. , Scientific and technological innovation has become a key support element for the sustainable development of countries around the world.

On June 12-14, ABP London held a three-day large-scale science and technology exhibition at Compressor House next to the Royal Albert Dock. Companies involved include Honeywell and Schneider. Electric), Otis, Siemens, Huawei, Globelynx, Mobike, NVC, and East London University. The event was strongly supported by the mayor of London and attracted more than 50,000 participants from around the world. This also highlights the concept of ABP London’s commitment to building an international technology center.

Compared with the Belt and Road Initiative promoted by China in recent years, scientific and technological innovation is also undoubtedly the technical support for improving the social productivity and overall national strength of the countries along the route. It is an important part of the road to building open cooperation along the Belt and Road, and it is also an innovation and development of the Belt and Road Initiative. An important driving force for the road to civilized prosperity.

Chairman Xu Weiping revealed that ABP will set up a global technology development group and it is expected that ABP will hold the ABP Global Technology Innovation and Development Conference in London in late September this year. At that time, the world’s major technology companies will be invited to participate in the conference.

In the future, the development direction of ABP will be mainly scientific and technological innovation. All ABP's companies and projects will fully integrate and create technological innovation platforms, and are committed to establishing the most advanced and cutting-edge technology innovation services for enterprises, and will be ABP London. The company has established itself as a British centre for technological innovation.

Jin Xu, Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Britain, said: “Don’t say fifteen years ago, no one would believe that President Xu could make this project five years ago. This proves that Chairman Xu Weiping has said that We are very happy for him."

Rokhsana Fiaz, Mayor of Newham, London, said: “Thank you very much for such an outstanding gentleman, Xu Weiping, who has a great dream and firm belief. He has the ambition to expand and he has placed this ambition in my hometown of London New York. Han District, I feel very honored to this, at the same time I also feel humble, because I seem to follow the giant's footsteps."

The Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Zhang Jinlong said: We are very grateful to Mr. Xu for our Chinese and businessmen. He has set a benchmark for investment and an example for us. From his body we learned that as long as one person has a dream and moves down to your dreams in a down-to-earth manner, it can be realized.

During the dinner, Mr. Xu Weiping, Chairman of the ABP Global Holdings Group, shared with the guests the story of the ABP for 15 years:

Moderator: What was the original intention of establishing ABP 15 years ago?

Xu Weiping: I admit that I am a very ordinary Chinese. My original intention is also a very simple and original intention, which is to create our own economic platform, entrepreneurial platform and enterprise platform for our future enterprises in China, for China’s future economic development, and for future entrepreneurs. This is the home of the company.

Moderator: Please ask Xu Dong, what did you do in these 15 years and did your dream come true?

Xu Weiping: To build a dream, the next determination is not easy. To achieve it, the difficulty is even greater. However, after fifteen years of hard work, the dream of the ABP has basically been realized. We have given full play to the model initiated by the Chinese government for the market economy. Through fifteen years of hard work, we have realized the basic creation of the marketization model, and it has been carried forward in China.

Moderator: What is Xu Dong’s ABP?

Xu Weiping: The ABP is the home of all successful companies. I think every successful person wants a home where he lives. At the same time, a successful company, whether domestic or foreign, private or state-owned. As long as you want to succeed, you need to have your own home. So ABP is for every successful company, a company that will succeed, and a company that is trying hard to create a dream home.

In the past fifteen years, the industry has had many disputes over the ABP business model. Because ABP always insists on building a platform and space for the company in development, not for the people to do. So this difference has caused ABP to encounter a lot of difficulties in the development process. However, because of our persistence, we still came. And with the arrival of tomorrow, ABP is more confident.

More importantly, ABP's exploration of the concept model itself is the innovation and development that the current era requires. So ABP will persist and seriously explore its own path. Different from the previous real estate industry, ABP always insists on serving the enterprise. When the mayor of London said in our project that we wanted to increase the number of dwellings, I made it very clear that we did not need too many dwellings. Because first of all there are houses around the project, and we want to introduce the ABP business model, this is ABP's success.

Moderator: Why did Xu Dong bring ABP to London ten years ago?

Xu Weiping: Ten years ago, ABP had already achieved the success of the first ABP in Beijing, which attracted the attention of the society and the industry. However, we are exploring that Chinese companies must come out with the rapid development of China's economy. To developed countries in Europe, especially the United Kingdom, to learn advanced science and technology and management techniques, and technological innovation. Technological innovation is not something that can only be achieved with money, but it still requires technical foundation support. The technical foundation cannot be achieved only in China, but must cooperate with leading international technology companies. Only in this way can China's science and technology come to the forefront of the world.

In the past 30 to 40 years, China has introduced a lot of industrial conventional technologies. However, in the next 30 to 40 years, China must win this battle in terms of science and technology. China is already integrated into the world of China, so it cannot rely solely on local development. Only by going out and making friendly cooperation with other developed countries can we achieve our resonance in cooperation. This is an inevitable trend. A few years ago I went to visit Huawei’s headquarters in the UK. In their R&D management center, we can clearly see that a tech corporate headquarters does not have to, or must not be located in, the financial center of London. It is a traditional one. Financial business office center. A technology-based company needs environment, nature, and transportation. However, ABP's Royal Albert Dock project area has been abandoned for many years. It is not that companies are not willing to develop, but that there are problems in their ideas and concepts. Or choose old ideas and ideas to choose the development space for the company. ABP is the first person to innovate.

Moderator: What impact does ABP have on Brexit?

Xu Weiping: Brexit definitely has an impact on ABP, but the impact is that the UK needs to cooperate with China more, and China needs a partner like Britain. Therefore, the golden era of China and Britain has already arrived. We have never seen the Sino-British relations cool down because of Brexit, and I just saw that more companies are interested in starting London, especially investment. Therefore, I think that Brexit will not affect Sino-British cooperation and it will be even more beneficial.

Moderator: Held in the country for the past 14 years. Why did you choose to host it in London this year? At the same time, what are your plans for the future?

Xu Weiping: First of all, this year is the first year since China’s reform and opening up, and it is a new era. What does the new era represent? For the past four decades, China has become the world’s second-largest economy from a poor and a white to a present. Explaining the beginning of a new era will surely bring about earth-shaking changes in the past. I believe the biggest change is that China must achieve internationalization and science and technology. Technological innovation, technology-driven. Driven by technology, it has obviously become China's major development force. Therefore, we have come out of ABP, and in London, we will build the best platform for enterprises in the new era of Chinese enterprises in Europe. So of course the first annual meeting of the new era must be opened in London.

Today, ABP has gradually become an important bridge for the economic and cultural communication between China and the West. The construction of the Royal Albert Dock project from London's ABP base was officially started, and the construction of the first phase of the project was successfully completed. With the successful completion of the first-phase project in less than one year, we will also jointly witness the revival of the Royal Docks and the strategic development of East London. In the future, ABP will fully respond to China’s “Belt and Road” initiative and strive to create a platform for the public to allow more Asian companies to go overseas and come to London.



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